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The Tinker is a support hero class focused on improving the health of buildings, gaining the resources that the Merchant can't (albeit at a higher level) and the Alchemy spell sphere.

Stats and SkillsEdit

The attribute changes you get by choosing this class:

Class Strength Dexterity Intelligence Charisma

The abilities you get by choosing this class:

Level 1 (Initial Skills) Level 5 Level 15 Level 25
Engineer (+3) Alchemy Smelting Quarrying



Much like the Merchant, the Tinker has powerful resource gaining abilities and support options. Unlike the Merchant, the Tinker buffs buildings instead of decreasing the cost of everything even further and has access to a great spell sphere in Alchemy. Although the Tinker usually requires a higher level before becoming a fantastic full support hero class, once it has reached that level, it is easily as powerful as any Merchant and supports a bucket full of tricks.


A great combo for the Tinker would be with the Dark Dwarves. Alchemy allows the instantaneous conversion of all mines in the command radius as well as provide some other nifty tricks such as Summon Guardian, Transmute and Brew Potion. The real power of the Dark Dwarf Tinker doesn't come until later levels though, where the hero gets access to Smelting and Quarrying - perfect to produce all those Stone and Iron Golems. If you have any resources spare, you can simply Transmute them into a different type as well. All of this combines to make one of the most powerful hero class combinations available in Warlords Battlecry 3.

Weirdly, an Orc Tinker may provide a Merchant style class for the Orcs at a higher level. Nearly all Orc units use Metal or Stone, so access to both Smelting and Quarrying is a massive bonus to the race's resources and its horde-like playstyle.


  • At low levels, a Tinker can't support any race with Smelting or Quarrying so can be a bit of a dead weight.
  • Similar to the Merchant, the Tinker needs to be assassinated, preferably towards the start of the match.