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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Summon Quasit Summons 1 Quasit

+1 Quasit

+2 mins duration

10 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Circle of Power Summons a Circle of Power to aid in summoning Daemons +1 min duration 4 Command Radius 2 mins Any spell that summons Daemons near the Circle of Power gains 1 mastery level
Phantom Steed Gives friendly cavalry +2 speed and +5 armor and resistance

+1 speed

+5 armor and resistance

+1 min duration

5 Command Radius 1 min
Blink The caster appears in a random place nearby None 3 Self Instant
Summon Imp Summons an Imp

+20 XP per level

+1 Imp

+2 mins duration

12 Adjacent to caster 3 mins
Eye of Oros Summons 2 Eyes of Oros (useful for scouting)

+1 Eye of Oros

+20 XP per level

+2 mins duration

12 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Home Portal Teleports the caster back to the starting location None 20 Self Instant
Soulharvest Summons a Succubus

+1 Succubus

+20 XP per level

+1 mins duration

35 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Banish Banishes any extra-planar enemy units of level 1-5 +2 levels affected 30 Command Radius Instant Affects all Daemons, Elementals and Archons
Daemongate Summons a Daemon

+50 XP per level

+1 Daemon every 3 levels of mastery beyond 4th

+60 secs duration

55 Adjacent to caster 90 secs