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Pyromancers are masters of Fire and the Pyromancy spell sphere. The Pyromancer is the only hero class in the game that can be given a permanent ranged attack.

Stats and SkillsEdit

The attribute changes you get by choosing this class:

Class Strength Dexterity Intelligence Charisma
Pyromancer +1 -2 +2 -1

The abilities you get by choosing this class:

Level 1 (Initial Skills) Level 5 Level 15 Level 25

Pyromancy (+3) Ritual

Fire Resistance Fire Missile Arcane Magic



Pyromancers are one of the best spellcasters to pick for maximising damage output. Not only do they have powerful offensive spells, but they also get a plethora of great spells which can heal, buff and summon units. Pyromancers don't even have a narrow number of choices, because Fire Missile and Arcane Magic can be very interesting options. All in all, a Pyromancer is one of the better spellcasters in the game.


Minotaurs can make for a powerful, synergistic Pyromancer. The Minotaur race even has access to mana accelerating research, so spellcasting is made much easier for those who want to dive into as many battles as possible with their hero. Even outside of battles, there are a multitude of spells which are great for healing and buffing units. Fire Elementals are a very welcome summon for the Pyromancer, as they tend to be quite fast, powerful and effective against buildings.

A Dwarven Pyromancer can also be used. The win condition for the Dwarves can be made to be the same as the Minotaurs. Normally, Dwarves can only be drunk. With Pyromancy however, it is possible to create drunk, berserk Dwarves with incredible speed and combat. This combo is hard to pull off, but once it can be it's very frightening to behold, as the normally slow Dwarven powerhouses are being sped up dramatically.

Pyromancers bring a fair amount to Knights, including boosting XP to high levels with soul flame to kick-start further gains from crusade, healing hefty knights with cauterize, overcoming knights' vulnerability to fire with fire resistance, and turning your footmen and dancing swords into fire-spewing killing machines with firebreath (which stacks with their +10 damage upgrade). Unfortunately, knights do not have any mana upgrades though, so you'll be stuck with just whatever mana your hero can produce herself.


  • Anything which resists Fire damage can safely approach and slay a Pyromancer.
  • Pyromancers are usually frail, but have higher combat than a normal wizard. Missile units can avoid the high combat and pelt the Pyromancer from afar. Make sure that enough ranged units are firing though, as the Pyromancer can heal some of the damage off with Cauterize. Still, that mana spent to keep the hero safe is wasted since it cannot buff any of their units or be used for combat spells.