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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Summon Sprite Summons a Sprite +20 XP per level 10 Adjacent to caster Instant
Gemberry Heals the caster and nearby friendly units for 25 hits +25 hits healed 12 Command Radius Instant
Entangle Slows down enemy units by 4

-2 speed

+30 secs duration

8 Command Radius 30 secs
Shillelagh Adds +5 to the caster's combat

+5 combat

+1 min duration

8 Self 1 min
Summon Unicorn Summons a Unicorn

+20 XP per level

+4 mins duration

20 Adjacent to caster 5 mins
Wall of Thorns Creates a Wall of Brambles +10 min duration 8 Command Radius 10 mins
Call Lightning Enemy units suffer 60 electrical damage +20 electrical damage 35 Command Radius Instant
Summon Treant Summons a Treant

+20 XP per level

+3 mins duration

40 Adjacent to caster 4 mins
Change Weather Allows the caster to change the weather to night/day/fine/rain None 25 Entire Map Instant
Elementalism Summons a choice of Air, Earth, Fire or Water Elemental

+50 XP per level

+1 Elemental for every 3 levels

+3 mins duration for Earth Elemental, +2 mins for others

50 Adjacent to caster 4 mins for Earth Elemental, 2 mins for others