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1.03.5 Mod[edit | edit source]

This Mod will play alongside your regular version of your game and features many add-ons. 4 New playable sides with playable AI (Ogres, Goblins, Dragons and Gnolls). There is an abundance of new unit types and some old favorites with unique abilities. Each new playable side has also a playable hero to lead them with their own different strengths and weaknesses. Along with the new sides comes 3 new hero classes: Tyrant, Hordemaster, Wizard and Dwarfmaster (along with the other 27 classes already there). 3 new Magic spheres (Dwarf, Goblin, and the 1.03.23 patch's Time magic), many new items and some new skills were added to accompany the new sides. When creating your hero you now have more options for hero portraits as each race has 10 or more spare slots that you can use any open source XCR editor to replace with a new hero portrait (98X98 pixel 8 bit .bmp). Your hero may run into some trouble if he attacks one of new lair types, the creatures there may level your whole base if you're not careful! If that is not tough enough the new AI type Grand Warlord will build better, faster and send nastier waves of troops your way. A recent addition to the MOD is the return of ships to Warlords Battlecry world (the ships are set up for custom maps only). Some new ship types with different abilities are included as well. Included are new terrain tiles and map features to top it all off. Recent bug fixes solved the desktop crash when hitting the spellbook button as well a new hero skill Wizards Reach that gives your hero a ranged attack.

The Protectors[edit | edit source]

The Protectors (in short TPC) is a stand-alone mod of the game Warlords Battlecry III, produced by Infinite Interactive. Stand-alone means that it can be run without having the original game installed.

  • Story driven campaign (new locations, quests, characters, videos)
  • Improved RPG part (dialogue choices, multiple endings, psychological profiles)
  • Improved RTS part (new units, buildings, terrain, food system, temples)
  • Improved A.I. (no longer freezes or gets stuck, seeks quests, builds mortars etc.)
  • New hero system (new spells, perks, racial synergy bonus, proficiency)
  • New items and item sets
  • Improved editor (scene events, interface, manuals, custom portraits)
  • Support for high resolutions (up to Full HD 1920x1080)
  • A lot more music (warlords themed)
  • New graphics (portraits, GUI, loading screens etc.)
  • Cheat codes
  • More multi-player scenarios
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

Full description with screenshots:

The Fifth Horseman[edit | edit source]

Each race has been upgraded with brand new powers and strategies. Each race works it's own way, with unique new strategies, new units and enchantments to the current ones!

The heroes haven't been left aside. Along with the spellbook remakes, the game comes with brand new classes. Your hero can choose to be a Conjurer, and summon armies instead of training them, a Vampire, and ravage the enemy troops while sucking their life, a Raider can roam the map and set fire to enemy buildings, a Librarian, specified in arcane study, being able to learn every spell in the game, or many more.

Full description:

Delta[edit | edit source]

Nations are united into 4 factions mostly designed for pitched battles. A new combat system has been created, which uses D6s.

Conquest Campaign[edit | edit source]

A new campaign created by Chuck to change the normal Fifth Horseman story driven campaign into a more Warlords Battlecry 2 styled conquest campaign. Included are a multitude of new campaign scenarios, new quests, campaign bonuses, hirelings, events and the availability of items and retinue units.

The new campaign is compatible with any version which doesn't change the original campaign's coding (1.03, Ahatch's 1.03b, 1.03.24, 1.03.25 etc). Installation instructions are included in the download.

Kharn Quests v1.5[edit | edit source]

Version 1.5 of Kharn's Quest pack increases the number of in-game quests from 87 to 286 (143 per quest building). The pack includes some of the quests from Warlords Battlecry 2 and 1, such as riddle quests. It also gives a greater access to certain units and items such as the Vampire item set.

Kharn's Quest Pack is compatible with version 1.03 and onwards. Installation instructions are included in the download.

Reaper Voice Pack[edit | edit source]

A voice pack for the normally soundless Reaper unit made by Maestorak.

The voice pack is compatible with any version of the game (1.03, Ahatch's 1.03b, 1.03.24) which doesn't change the name of the file 'DaemonsVoicesEn.xcr' within the WBC3>Assets>Sides folder. It should also work for versions which already have sounds for the Reaper unit, but this is not advisable without backup of the aforementioned file. Installation instructions are included in the download.

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