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  • Hello, and a happy new year (never too late)!

    What do you think about the following proposal?

    • WBC Games (title): changed to Warlords Franchise (or whatever to include Warlords game)
    • Etheria page: move the WBC3 Introduction to "WBC3" page, under WBC Games, and move the map to a new page "Geography", sister to the "Lore" page. Etheria is know only a title (not a link to a page anymore), like WBC Games. The menu links only to "Lore" and "Geography" (and any new page).
    • WBC3 page: add a menu (Presentation, Introduction (newly moved), Playable races, Audio aspect, Map (a link to Geography).
    • Lore: add a paragraph "Most notable people" (VIP), a collection of all individual cited in the various lore and game documents (kings, heroes, sorcerers, daemons, ...) with links to original citation if possible.
    • Geography: add a blank and a political map from Warlords IV to represent Eastern Etheria.
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    • Happy New Year! xD

      • Sure, I'll do it right away.
      • Yeah, WBC3 introduction should be in the respective page as well. I'm not sure about moving content from Etheria to Geography. That's odd, I can still access Etheria from the top navigation menu.
      • Sure, that'd be great.
      • I don't know much about lore. Please do whatever you think is the best.
      • Never played Warlords IV but yeah, that'd be nice to implement this in the Etheria/Geography page.

      Thanks for your help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello General, how do you do?

    I remember I gave some fan-made mods a try, and this forum's downloads section just host the Reaper's voiceset. I happen to have them all on my hard drive. Do you think it would be of interest if we host them, and can we host them firsthand (e.g. copyrights-wise)?

    I may upload:


    - the Arabic soundtrack from Warlords Battlecry 2

    - the Warlords Battlecry 1 OST

    - the Warlords Battlecry 3 OST (for those who would erase it)

    Voices:  (by Maestorak)

    - the Reaper's voiceset (already hosted)

    - alternate Warlord's voiceset ("more intellegible and barbaresque")

    - Pimpily Dwarves (Khazrim, Berserker, Lord, Infantry, not tested) (also by 2 other contributors)

    - Pim Dwarf Heroes ("gangsta style", not tested) as an alternate for the Angry Dwarf voiceset

    Control panels and other screens:  (2005 Maestorak's packs)

    - Woody Flowers (by Kamans)

    - Stone Hammers (by A. Stanchos)

    - Elven Towers (by Fritz)

    - Darky

    - Adventurer's (by A. Stanchos)

    - original files in case of need

    Perhaps some of them are used by TPC mod?

    I'm still working on a ".26" mod, btw, just playing and translating other games in the meanwhile. Who could be ever interested in testing it, however?


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    • Yes please host them, make a note it's copyrighted and there you go.

      Ask people at discord about testing it, I'm sorry but I can't.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello General,

    Could you* please help me by reviewing some English phrasing in my blog, when you find time?

    It's about text being displayed in-game in "plain" English, not gaming jargon. If you want, you'll find them under:

    • Help.cfg -> Under ARMIES -> the Titans' descriptions.
    • Campaign.xcr -> In some .nis files -> well, all the '<<' entries.

    Feel free to correct grammar, order of sentences, give your advice, etc. Then, I could load them in my game and check the strings' length. There is no urge for this and in the meanwhile, I have plenty other things to do.

    As for why I suggest those changes in the respective files, the Titan part is very debatable but I consider the .NIS part as vanilla bugs (or overlooks)' corrections: somehow the writers considered the race and/alignment of the player's avatar in some few maps only, and not in most of the others! (Having a Ssrathi character speaking of 'lizards', a Fey one not knowing his/her queen, a Minotaur not aware of the Minotaur ways...). I've tried to keep up with the vanilla general tone (a mix of RPG and self-mockery humor), and  to keep the changes minimal (plus, I'm not a writer).

    you*: can basic members edit other members' blogs?

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    • Okay, line 2 "He who delivers powerful reels and the Knights' Titan Calls forth the High King. I think "reels" mean drums. I did a research and looks like it's kid of Irish dance as well, but it's out of context.

      Line 5 "the Minotaurs' Titan Calls forth the heroic zombi giant of Graww". I'd leave it as zombi, but if you want to, you can change to zombie.

      Tips section - "Face to a massed horde of enemies, better oppose a squad of unexperimented archers, and let the AI manage the targeting: a miss may well hit a neighbour foe, spreading the damage overall."

      I think the following would be better: "When faced by a massive horde of enemies, it's a good idea to use a squad of inexperienced archers and let the AI manage the targeting: a miss may well hit a neighbour foe, spreading the damage overall."

      Same for this: "Face to a few resilient enemies, better oppose a squad of experimented archers, and focus the fire at one target at a time: multiple successful fires will soon lessen the threat."

      I'd write it as "When faced by few resilient enemies, better oppose a squad of experimented archers, and focus the fire at one target at a time: multiple successful fires will soon lessen the threat."

      I'll take a look in Campaign dialogs in the next few days! Emoticon_yes.png

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    • At "Campaign Dialogs" there's this line:

      "Do you really think your sacrifice is necessary when the merrest creature will do? Come on, we should be all safe at the end."

      I believe "merrest" is wrong, I don't know this word. For me the correct is "merriest".

      There's the Ssrathi accent, but it should remain as it is.

      And that's it, I reviewed the entire file.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello General9913!

    It seems that the Wiki has got new hands these days. I write to you about 3 things:

    • The line break that is displayed when we edit the "Benefits from R1 and R2 researches</div>". It happens after "from", and it seems to reappear when I edit the page again, like this:
    Benefits from R1 and R2 researches</div>

    becomes back:

    Benefits from
    R1 and R2 researches</div>

    I found that adding an invisible "line break" just before "</div>" could stabilize the desired formatting (I'm not sure though, and you should try by yourself). As it isn't a coded line break (<b_r>), it has no other effect. Hence:

    Benefits from R1 and R2 researches[enter]

    where [enter] stands for hitting the Enter key. It is displayed as: "Benefits from R1 and R2 researches" with no line break.(Perhaps it's related to the editor's <b_r> management: one <b_r> has no more effect than the Enter key (thus can be omitted), two <b_r> adds a visible line break.)

    • I have the system speech lines ready ("An enemy hero has been destroyed!"). Where to put them?

    • A contributor managed to write down the original Barbarian Warlord speech lines. What to do with the alternate voice set I used for v1.03.25 page (it's not specific to this version either) ? After all, following this logic, the Reaper should remain silent. Do we add a note after the original voice set (in all three versions):
    Note: an alternate voice set is available for downloading; it reads as:
    *Ready: " "
    *Selected: " ", " " ...

    or do we change only one version (e.g. 1.03.25, reverting to what I added) with a warning at the end:

    Note: this is the alternate voice set. To read the original voice set, please see v1.03.24
    Note: there is an alternate voice set. To read it, please see v1.03.25

    (at the end of the other 2 pages)

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    • Yeah General, I just made my first acting as a Moderator on your own blog!

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    • Nice. Thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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