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Combat is the main stat used in the game when two or more units are fighting in melee and is the first step in the whole combat system.

(1.Combat comparison  2.Armour/resistance reduction 3.Special resistance/weakness 4.Applying damage/reducing HP)

It's used to determine whether an attack by a unit is able to hit, hit marginally, hit critically, cause a deathblow or miss the other unit. The exact calculations are shrouded in mystery (will be retrieved by source coders at some point), however the basic idea is that the combat scores of the attacking and defending units are compared to each other. If the attacking unit has a worse combat score than the defending unit, its chances of hitting are poor. If the attacker's combat is a little higher then its chances are a little better, and if its combat score is a lot higher than the defending unit's then its chances are much better. These comparisons work by ratios between the two combat scores, meaning that a unit with 16 combat against a unit with 4 combat has the same chances of hitting or doing a critical hit or a deathblow that a unit with 80 combat against a unit with 20 combat does. In other words, the difference between units that have 20 and 22 combat is negligible, while the difference between 4 and 6 combat is much bigger.

As mentioned above Combat is used to determine what kind of a hit has been caused. These types and their effects are:

  • Miss: causes only 1 damage
  • Marginal hit: causes only half damage
  • Standard hit: causes normal damage
  • Critical hit: causes double damage and a special effect based on damage type (if the unit survives)
  • Deathblow: causes quadruple damage and the attacking unit performs a battlecry! If the victim survives, then it'll also perform a special effect based on damage type, just like with critical hits

Note: Ranged units use melee combat calculations when attacking units at melee range, or when attacked by a melee unit. In these situations their combat score is being halved to simulate them being less proficient in close quarter fighting. This penalty is applied to any unit with a range higher than 0 when in melee.