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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Hand of Ice Enemies are stricken for 20 cold damage +10 cold damage 10 Command Radius Instant
Storm Alters the weather to thunder and rain Higher levels result in more thunder and rain 8 Entire Map Instant
Ice Armor Increases caster's armor by +5

+5 armor per level

+1 min duration

14 Self 1 min
Calm Removes all magic and psychological effects on all units near the caster +50% area of effect 10 Command Radius Instant
Ring of Ice Enemies are stricken for 40 cold damage +20 cold damage 30 Small area around the caster Instant
Freeze Decreases speed by 2 and slows attack speed by 20% of enemy units

-1 movement speed

-10% attack speed

+30 secs duration

25 Command Radius 30 secs
Wall of Ice Summons a Wall of Ice +10 min duration 8 Command Radius 10 min
Ice Floe The caster gains an ice missile attack that can hit multiple opponents for 20 cold damage

+15 cold damage

+30 secs duration

30 Self 30 secs
Freeze Magic Stops all mana regeneration on the map +1 min duration 40 Entire Map 1 min
Ice Storm Strikes enemy units for 100 cold damage +100 cold damage 65 Command Radius Instant