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Retinue[edit | edit source]

A hero's retinue may consist of up to 8 units. With the 1.03 patch, most of these retinue slots are locked and the hero must invest in Charisma to unlock them. These units can be brought into battle at the start of a match much like many other units of the player's selected race by using Army Setup Points. Note that as a retinue unit increases in level, their Army Setup Point cost will increase.

You can rename the units you get in the retinue after a battle by clicking on their names, writing what you want and then press enter or click elsewhere on the screen. Your unit should now bear the new name.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Strength +1 Combat per point of Strength
+1 Damage per 2 points of Strength (at 1,3,5,etc…)
+5 Hit Points per point of Strength
+1 Life Regeneration (per 20 sec’s) for every 3 points of Strength

+1 Movement Speed per 2 points of Dexterity (at 2,4,6,etc…)
- ~0.016 seconds off attack speed per point of Dexterity
+1 Resistance per point of Dexterity
+1 Armor per 2 points of Dexterity (at 2,4,6,etc…)
-1 Second to Conversion Time per point of Dexterity (minimum conversion time is 10 seconds)

Intelligence +3 Mana Points per point of Intelligence
+1 Mana Regeneration (per 20 sec’s) for every 5 points of Intelligence
+1 Initial Troop XP per 2 points of Intelligence (at 2,4,6,etc…)
+3% Spellcasting Chance per point of Intelligence

+1 Morale per 2 points of Charisma (at 2,4,6,etc…)
+1 Command Radius per 2 points of Charisma (at 1,3,5,etc...)
+1 Merchant Skill for every point over 5 (-1 Merchant skill for every point under 5) which gives ~0.86% discount per Merchant skill
+1 Army Setup Point for every 4 Points of Charisma

Racial Stats & Skills[edit | edit source]

The dotted underlined text in this table is mouseover text. Hold the cursor over the underlined text to see what each skill does.

Each bonus value is per skill point invested in the skill. The number in brackets for many initial skills shows that the hero starts with +1 skill point in that skill.


Level 1 (Initial Skills)

Level 10

Level 20

Level 30






Reave (+1)
Horse Lord (+1)

Running Ice Magic Quarrying +1 +1 -1 -1


Daemon Lord (+1)
Ferocity (+1)

Regeneration Pyromancy Invulnerability +2 -1 -1

Dark Dwarf

Siege Lord (+1)
Constitution (+1)

Engineer Chaos Magic Golem Master +1 -1

Dark Elf

Dark Lord (+1)
Lore (+1)

Death Rune Summoning Assassin -1 +1


Dwarf Lord (+1)
Constitution (+1)

Armorer Rune Magic Brewmaster +2 -2


Imperial Lord (+1)
Serpentslayer (+1)
Trade Alchemy Wealth


Dream Lord (+1)
Warding (+1)
Illusion Magic Resistance Gemcutting -3 +1 +1 +1

High Elf

High Lord (+1)
Lore (+1)
Life Rune Healing Magic Arcane Rune -2 +1 +1


Knight Lord (+1)
Leadership (+1)
Weaponmaster Divination Armorer -1 +1


Horned Lord (+1)
Ferocity (+1)
Thick Hide Mighty Blow Pyromancy +3 -1 -1 -1


Elfslayer (+1)
Orc Lord (+1)
Ferocity Chaos Magic Demolition +1 -1


Plague Lord (+1)
Warding (+1)
Contamination Summoning Leech -1 +3 -2


Serpent Lord (+1)
Running (+1)
Scales Poison Magic Dragonmaster +1 -1

The Swarm

Scorpion Lord (+1)
Constitution (+1)
Manslayer Poison Magic Ignore Armor +2 -1 -1


Skull Lord (+1)
Warding (+1)
Necromancy Memories Vampirism +2 -2

Wood Elf

Forest Lord (+1)
Lore (+1)
Forest Rune Nature Magic Sky Rune -1 +1

Items[edit | edit source]

Hero Classes[edit | edit source]

Class Strength Dexterity Intelligence Charisma Level 1 (Initial Skills) Level 5 Level 15 Level 25
Alchemist -1 +2 -1

Alchemy (+3) Ritual

Potionmaster Energy Arcane Magic
Archmage -2 +2

Summoning (+1)

Alchemy (+1)

Divination Illusion Magic Resistance
Assassin +1 +2 -3 Assassin (+3) Shadow Strength Wealth Ignore Armor
Bard -2 +2 -1 +1

Leadership (+3) Diplomacy

Wealth Divination Elemental Resistance
Chieftain +2 +1 -3

Ferocity (+1) Beast Slayer (+1)

Leadership Riding Mighty Blow
Daemonslayer +2 -2 +1 -1

Daemonslayer (+1)

Ferocity (+1)

Warding Smelting Summoning
Deathknight +2 -1 +1 -2

Ferocity (+1) Manslayer (+1)

Chaos Magic Necromancy Smite Good
Defiler -1 +1 +2 -2

Poison Magic (+3) Ritual

Slimemaster All-Seeing Eye Arcane Magic
Dragonslayer +2 -2

Dragonslayer (+1) Ferocity (+1)

Fire Resistance Armorer Dragonmaster
Druid -2 +1 -1 +2

Nature Magic (+3) Ritual

Guardian Oak Elemental Lore Arcane Magic
Elementalist -2 +2

Pyromancy (+1) Ice Magic (+1)

Rune Magic Lore Elemental Resistance
Healer -2 -1 +1 +2

Healing Magic (+3) Ritual

Elcor's Aura Warding Arcane Magic
Ice Mage -1 -1 +2

Ice Magic (+3) Ritual

Cold Resistance Gemcutting Arcane Magic
Illusionist -2 +1 +2 -1

Illusion (+3)

Leadership Magic Resistance Arcane Magic
Lichelord +1 +2 -3

Necromancy (+1)
Poison Magic (+1)

Manslayer Shadow Strength Elfslayer
Merchant -2 +2 Merchant (+3) Wealth Trade Gemcutting
Monk +1 -1

Mighty Blow (+3) Elemental Resistance

Magic Resistance Swiftness Ferocity
Necromancer +2 -2

Necromancy (+3)

Memories Undead Legion Arcane Magic
Paladin +1 -2 -1 +2

Deathslayer (+1)
Ferocity (+1)

Healing Magic Knight Protector Smite Evil
Priest -1 -1 +1 +1

Healing Magic (+1)

Ritual (+1)

Divination Lore Time Magic
Pyromancer +1 -2 +2 -1

Pyromancy (+3)

Fire Resistance Fire Missile Arcane Magic
Ranger +2 +1 -1 -2

Orcslayer (+1)
Running (+1)

Nature Magic Griffonmaster Taming
Runemaster +1 -3 +2

Rune Magic (+3)

Runic Lore Quarrying Time Magic
Sage -2 -1 +2 +1

Divination (+3)

Mage King Energy Time Magic
Shaman -1 -1 +2

Chaos Magic (+3)

Warding Magic Resistance Arcane Magic
Summoner -1 +2 -1

Summoning (+3)

Elfslayer Gate Time Magic
Thief -1 +2 -1

Thievery (+1) Running (+1)

Warding Magic Resistance Illusion
Tinker Engineer (+3) Alchemy Smelting Quarrying
Warrior +2 -2

Ferocity (+3)
Ignore Armor

Constitution Regeneration Weaponmaster

Campaign Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Select: "Aye!" "Well..." "Dirty work's afoot" "No time to waste."
  • Order: "On my way." "Stand aside." "Clear a path." "No surrender!"
  • Deathblow: "Get up and fight, ye coward!"
  • Can't build: "Not here, you daft fool."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Praise the mighty dwarven empire!"
  • No mana: "There is not enough mana!"

  • Select: "I bring power." "I bring knowledge." "I am the lord of death." "I have returned from beyond."
  • Order: "Fear me!" "Flee this place." "You will be mine. "Look upon me and despair."
  • Deathblow: "Join my Legion!"
  • Can't build: "This place is dead!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Look upon my works."
  • No mana: "Kill quickly, I need more mana."

  • Select: "Yes?" "And now?" "One moment." "Ready the troops."
  • Order: "Forward!" "Move out!" "On the way." "To death and glory!"
  • Deathblow: "Surrender fools!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "I lay claim to this site."
  • No mana: "I require more mana."

  • Select: "To arms!" "Great deeds await." "Yes?" "A new age is dawning."
  • Order: "Forward!" "Under way!" "Follow my lead!" "To fortune and glory!"
  • Deathblow: "Lay down your arms!"
  • Can't build: "I cannot build here."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "I claim this site."
  • No mana: "I require more mana."

  • Select: "Grrr!" "Fear me!" "Tremble!" "True power is mine!"
  • Order: "At last." "To battle!" "Charge!" "This is my destiny."
  • Deathblow: "They flee before me."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "We have it. Now back to the battle."
  • No mana: "What? I demand more mana."

  • Select: "Aye!" "Well..." "Trouble's brewin'" "I haven't got all day, you know?"
  • Order: "On my way." "Coming through!" "Watch yourselves." "Nobody stands before us!"
  • Deathblow: "He! Ye fight like a girl!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Another one for the mighty dwarven empire."
  • No mana: "Damn ye, there's not enough mana."

  • Select: "Ya?" "What?" "Look at these biceps." "I have the body of a god!"
  • Order: "Hrrr!" "Out of my way!" "I'll be back." "Rain death upon them."
  • Deathblow: "I got plenty more for you!"
  • Can't build: "Idiot!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Hmm! Is good!"
  • No mana: "Magic does not work."

  • Select: "Graah!" "Get ready." "Here we go." "First we kill, then we feast."
  • Order: "Make way." "Follow me." "I'm coming through." "We go to war."
  • Deathblow: "Weakling, bow before your master."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "All mine, at last."
  • No mana: "Give me more mana."

  • Select: "I rule!" "I am your master." "Do not defy me." "None shall oppose me."
  • Order: "Fall back!" "Out of my way!" "With an iron fist." "Bring the weapons of doom."
  • Deathblow: "Vengeance is swift and painful!"
  • Can't build: "This is not the place!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "My empire grows!"
  • No mana: "More mana!"

  • Select: "Yes?" "I'm ready." "Your wish." "It is time for action."
  • Order: "Okay." "Noted." "I'm on my way." "Be right there."
  • Deathblow: "Take that, fool!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "This site is now rightfully ours."
  • No mana: "I need more mana."

  • Select: "Let's me think." "There is danger." "Save the forest." "Protect our homelands."
  • Order: "Go now." "I know." "It is decided." "Make it so."
  • Deathblow: "Be gone!"
  • Can't build: "Find a better place."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "As it should be."
  • No mana: "The power of nature is not enough."

  • Select: "Hmm." "Let me think." "I wonder." "Now!"
  • Order: "Indeed." "In good time." "Very well." "Just save the forest."
  • Deathblow: "Take that, swine!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Complete."
  • No mana: "I need more mana."

  • Select: "Attend and mark." "Where to?" "Hail and well met." "Will you join our revel?"
  • Order: "Verily. "With abandon." "To the dance!" "My dark duty is clear."
  • Deathblow: "They have danced, final dance!"
  • Can't build: "This site is tainted."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "A gift to my people."
  • No mana: "Oh! For more mana!"

  • Select: "Victory awaits." "None can oppose me." "I am mighty indeed." "My foes are not worthy."
  • Order: "Noted." "So ordered." "There is little choice." "There shall be no discussion."
  • Deathblow: "See how the weak fall!"
  • Can't build: "Don't waste my time."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Rightfully ours."
  • No mana: "Mana must be found."

  • Select: "I smell battle." "Time for war." "The scent of fresh blood." "Death to our foes!"
  • Order: "To war." "Clear a path." "Surrender or die." "I am surrounded by fools."
  • Deathblow: "Scream louder!"
  • Can't build: "Get it right!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "All mine! All mine!"
  • No mana: "Mana, mana, mana!"

  • Select: "Beware." "I am death." "Run from me!" "Death walks the land."
  • Order: "Already gone." "Interesting." "Fear is my weapon." "Lock up your children."
  • Deathblow: "Another for my ranks."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Another for my kingdom."
  • No mana: "Give me more mana."

  • Select: "Hoh hoh hoh hoh." "Soul strengthen me." "Bow to me or die." "I am your master."
  • Order: "Slaughter!" "Blood heals me." "Pains purifies me." "Death delights me."
  • Deathblow: "Die now and please me!"
  • Can't build: "This site is unworthy."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "A monument to my power!"
  • No mana: "Bring me more mana."

  • Select: "What now?" "Come on!" "You know I'm ready." "What is up this time?"
  • Order: "Ha! Very well." "Alright!" "I'll get there." "I'm on my way."
  • Deathblow: "Pathetic weakling!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Another addition to our mighty empire."
  • No mana: "Why isn't it enough mana?"

  • Select: "Smell their fear." "Drink their blood." "Rip out their throats." "Tear out their hearts."
  • Order: "Go now!" "Flay them!" "Eat their flesh!" "Gnaw their bones."
  • Deathblow: "Wade through their blood!"
  • Can't build: "This is not the place!"
  • Conversion/Build finished: "A monument to my power!"
  • No mana: "Give me mana!"

  • Select: "Come here." "Please me." "Do not delay." "Do not play games with me."
  • Order: "Yes?" "Hurry!" "Now or else." "I will see you later."
  • Deathblow: "Burn for me!"
  • Can't build: "There are better uses for my time."
  • Conversion/Build finished: "Look upon this and despair."
  • No mana: "I suggest you give me more mana."


  • Eight heroes, that include all non race default heroes, have no 'Can't build' speech line (voice's codes AXH0 to AXH7).
  • The 'No mana' speech line is only heard if there is not enough mana, if the player can't cast the spell it can't be heard (it's grayed in the spell book).
  • Each hero gets three cabalistic speech lines, used when he/she casts spells.
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