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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Heal Self Heals caster's hits by 50 +50 hits healed 8 Self Instant
Cure Cures poison and disease and heals 10 hits to all friendly units within command radius +10 hits healed 8 Command Radius Instant
Blessing Increase the casters Morale by 2

+1 morale

+1 min duration

8 Self 1 min
White Ward Grants friendly units within command radius immunity to psychological afflictions and +5 resistance

+5 resistance

+1 min duration

6 Command Radius 1 min Does not affect Evil units
Heal Group Heals 50 hits on nearby friendly units +50 hits healed 15 Command Radius Instant
Invigorate Grants friendly units +2 speed

+1 speed

+1 min duration

16 Command Radius 1 min Does not affect Undead
Purify Strikes Evil units for 50 magic damage and brings out the sun +20 damage 20 Command Radius Instant
Major Healing Heals 100 hits on all friendly units. Also cures poison and disease +100 hits healed 40 Entire Map Instant
Life Ward Prevents the caster from dieing in battle (once) +2 mins duration 40 Self 2 mins If the caster drops to 0 hits, he is healed back to full health
Resurrection This spell Revives all dead Units (only those which have not decayed) around you under your control. At higher levels you can revive enemies

+50% area of effect

Level 1-2: only friendly units

Level 3+: all units

60 Command Radius Instant Does not affect Undead or mechanical units