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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Elemental Lore The caster gains +10 Resistance +1 min duration 6 Self 1 min
Defense Lore The caster gains +10 Armor +1 min duration 6 Self 1 min
See Invisible The caster can see Invisible units +2 min duration 5 Self 2 mins
Telepathy Newly produced units gain +10XP

+1 min duration

+10XP per level

10 Entire Map 1 min
Banish Kills any extra-planar enemies of level 1-2 Affects units of +2 levels greater 30 Command Radius Instant Affects all Demons, Elementals and Archons
Comprehension Researches are discounted by 50% +1 min duration 35 Self 1 min
Call Sage Summons a Black, Red or White Mage to serve the caster

+20XP per level

+4 mins duration

60 Command Radius 5 mins
Mind Leech Nearby friendly units can steal XP from enemies (like a wraith) +1 min duration 50 Entire Map 1 min Does not affect mechanical units
True Sight Adds a permanent vision bonus to the caster's side +1 grid 60 Self Permanent
Psychic Blast All nearby enemy units are stunned +5 sec duration 70 Command Radius 5 secs Does not affect mechanical units