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Charisma is an attribute that influences your ability to lead troops by boosting Morale, build cheaper with Trade points, bring more troops at the start of a match via additional Army Setup points, and expands your Command Radius inside which Conversion can take place and gives units under your control a Command bonus (increased Movement Speed and Combat). With each Trade point you consume ~ 0.97% less resources for building, researching, or, training troops. The Trade skill increases with a falling function. If you have less that 5 charisma you have to pay additional resources.

For each Charisma Point you get:

  • +1 Trade skill

For each 2nd Point you get:

  • +1 Morale

For each 4th Point you get:

  • +1 Army Setup Point (Up to 8 at 28 Charisma)
  • +1 Command radius (but, sadly, it doesn't increase at higher level)
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