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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Create Item Creates an item Access to rarer items 12 Self Instant
Transmute Exchanges one resource type for another (50% exchange rate) +5% exchange rate 22 Self Instant Rate cannot exceed 100%
Charm Gives a small discount on purchases (+2 Merchant skill)

+2 Merchant skill

+1 min duration

6 Self 1 min
Stone Golem Summons a Stone Golem

+20 XP

+3 mins duration

14 Adjacent to caster 4 mins
Brew Potion Creates extra healing potions for the caster to use +1 potion 24 Self Instant
Acquire Instantly converts all mines near the caster +50% area of effect 22 1/2 Command Radius Instant
Summon Guardian Summons a Guardian Statue to protect your lands

Level 1=Clay

Level 2=Stone

Level 3=Iron

+2 mins duration

24 Within Command radius 10 mins
Disjunction Renders items useless for enemy heroes +30 secs duration 40 Entire Map 30 secs
Bronze Golem Summons a Bronze Golem

+20 XP per level

+3 mins duration

36 Adjacent to caster 4 mins
Spellforge Doubles the power of the caster's items +1 min duration 70 Self 1 min