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The operation of non-living entities and the application of potent magical forces is what the Alchemist does best. The Alchemy spell sphere allows the hero to create items, summon guardian statues, golems and transmute resources to name but a few spells.

Ritual allows the Alchemist to cast spells more efficiently, useful if the hero has invested in many spellcasting skills but not so much into the Intelligence stat.

Potionmaster boosts mana gained from mana potions, allowing some quick rushing tactics to be used and puts increased importance on these potions bought at shops. With enough mana gained from each potion, it would be potentially easier to get out of what would be fatal combat situations.

The Energy skill is a very useful skill to any wizard-styled hero as it allows increased mana regneration.

Lastly, Arcane Magic is available for the empowerment of the Alchemist's spellcasting.

Stats and SkillsEdit

The attribute changes you get by choosing this class:

Class Strength Dexterity Intelligence Charisma
Alchemist -1 +2


The abilities you get by choosing this class:

Level 1 (Initial Skills) Level 5 Level 15 Level 25

Alchemy (+3)


Potionmaster Energy Arcane Magic



The Alchemist is a very useful utility wizard hero class with great potential. The ability to instantly change one resource type to another is a massive boon to many high single-resource requirement races (and even allies since you can transfer those resources to them). With support from racial magic skills, the ability for the Alchemist to instantly convert mines and transmute resources is empowered even further. The Alchemist's ability to create items of increasing power as well as summon defences and golems is not just useful to him/herself, but also allows the hero to directly assist the defences or even offenses of allies.


One of the best race choices for an Alchemist would be the Undead. The Transmute spell, combined with the mana regeneration skills (both class-wise and race-wise) allow for extremely quick resource transfers which massively benefit the Undead playstyle of instantly upgrading units. Also, the Undead Alchemist has access to some nifty defence structures and golems should he/she need any units not vulnerable to crushing damage. Create Item, Brew Potion and Acquire are all good utility spells which further help to augment the effectiveness of the hero in multiple ways. With Acquire, the hero won't really need much investment in Dexterity (decreasing conversion time), but a certain amount of Charisma could go a long way to enhancing the spell's range. Other than that, most stat points should be going into Intelligence as is the norm for many wizard classes.


  • Alchemists, like many heroes are nearly always physically weak. Putting pressure on the Alchemist will eventually lead to their demise despite the Brew Potion spell and other tricks.
  • Taking out the Alchemist before he/she researches mana upgrades will put an enormous damper on the effectiveness of the Alchemist player's resource management.